The Gallery of Gnani Arts passionately pursues an on-going documentation of primary research data on the heritage and creative tradition of South Indian contemporary art, in order to better curate its exhibitions and to be able to disseminate consise data to the public. The Gallery undertakes regular field trips to artists’ studios and residences in the nooks and crannies of South India, to ensure that a strong relationship is rejuvenated and maintained between the artist and the Gallery.

In June 2003, the Directors of The Gallery of Gnani Arts conducted the Gallery’s first major field documentation in Tamil Nadu (South India), sourcing for the city’s foremost senior artists who create contemporary artworks. The expedition was commemorated in July 2003 through Beyond The Horizon: An Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings by Senior Artists of Tamil Nadu, the Gallery’s’ 2nd art exhibition. This exhibition was indeed a blockbuster that achieved excellent publicity, visitorship, commercial success and a very significant introduction and appreciation in Singapore (and Southeast Asia as well) towards contemporary paintings of Tamil Nadu.

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