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At The Gallery of Gnani Arts, each art class, lecture or workshop is meticulously-planned before it is endorsed. Since 2003, the Gallery has been a trend-setter in presenting energetic art courses for adults and children. With a holistic approach, the courses focus on the rudiments of painting through lively demonstrations, video presentations, interactive practice sessions and outdoor art sessions. Techniques in paintings, principles of the colour theory and freedom of concept are some of the many aspects of the courses. The lessons will instill confidence in the participant, who may be an absolute beginner, an amateur artist or even an art collector.

Established artists J Kalidass and Wang Fei will be imparting their skillful knowledge in the classes.







Terms and Conditions:

1. Students are required to make the full payment for the Course Fee before the start of the class.

2. Students are required to purchase and bring along necessary materials/equipment needed during the course.

3. There will be no make-up lessons and no pro-rated payments for unattended lessons. Please strictly adhere to class schedule provided.

4. There will be a one time Compulsory Registration Fee aside from the Course Fee.

5. Students will be given two (2) months to finish the four classes and three (3) months to finish 8 classes. On the event that there will be cancellation of classes from our side, we will we will be extending your class period accordingly.

6. Please do take note that if you wish to cancel a class, kindly inform us at least 1 day before the scheduled date of the class. If you fail to do so, we will consider you present during that day and it will be deducted from your available classes.

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